Traditional Spinners

The following videos are of people spinning as they have been taught traditionally. Rather than being modern craftspeople trying to work out how people spun in the past, these people are following the traditions that have been handed down to them.

Luca Costigliolo Spinning Wool With a Distaff and a Bottom Whorl Italian Spindle

Luca Costigliolo Spinning Wool With a Distaff

Peasant Art Craft Shows a Romanian Woman Spinning Wool

Group of Bosnian Ladies Spinning

Manda Dražetić from Brodski Drenovac shows this old craft

Customs From Eastern Serbia

Spinning Circle in the Vilage of Selanac 

Old Crafts: Spinning

Baba Tonka Aged 77 Spins

An 80 Year Old Woman Shares Her Craft

That the Past Does Not Forget To Remember the Future

Djurdjevdan’s Assembly


Old lady (baba) spinning wool with a distaff in Breb, Maramures Romania

Paid Videos

The following videos are adds or previews for videos you can buy.

Norman Kennedy teaches how to spin flax and cotton.